Sony Music Audio Library App

Sony Music Audio Library App


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Sony Music is a legendary giant in the music industry, with local artists and international superstars, its vast library contains some of the most influential recordings in history. Facing an evolution of change in the digital age, Sony Music wanted to explore new ways to offer their library to its consumers.


Dreamsocket opened up Sony Music’s music vault to users and the web alike with an SEO compliant, dynamically scaling, audio library application. The application was developed to not only grant secure access to some of Sony Music’s songs, but also to potentially open access to the library in its entirety. In a world where Sony Music has built its business on selling albums and promotional tours, what did this offer them? Pure and simple it was a new distribution/marketing outlet and revenue chain. If you consider radio, consumption is pure marketing, which in turn drives sells. Providing ondemand access, was the equivalent of a new marketing outlet for their products. However it came with a nice additional revenue stream typically reserved for the radio stations themselves. By owning this distribution channel, they were able to own advertising around their content. In essence, Sony Music created their own ondemand radio station.


Fans new and old have an opportunity to appreciate and discover a musical vault of cultural history, while Sony Music has a new way to market it.