Super Deluxe Video Players

Super Deluxe Video Players
Super Deluxe Video Players
Super Deluxe Video Players
Super Deluxe Video Players


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From Ok Go to Home Star Runner, the internet has become a marketing machine that can breed cult-like fanaticism. Traditional media companies looking for the next big thing are now turning to the internet to fill their lineups. It only made sense that Turner would try to create a comedy broadband network capable of growing and finding grassroot comedians, actors and directors.


Turner developed the hybrid online network called Super Deluxe. The site focused on original, “television-quality” programming with a distinct editorial voice, while also offering a social network where anyone could create a profile or upload videos. Instead of just growing talent, they were creating an environment where they could discover it, as well.

From day one, Dreamsocket was brought in to provide expert advice on the subjects of online viral initiatives and broadband video. As the site moved into development, we developed the viral, site and playlist players. Capable of tracking behaviors, serving ads, dynamic layouts and more, these dynamic players were whatever they needed to be wherever they needed to be.


Together Dreamsocket and Turner created an experience where you could go grab a few laughs, create a couple more and invite all your friends to join in. Super Deluxe was your local comedy club gone global.